Hot bath cures: Jacuzzi, Sauna, Ultrasonic Ozone Bath Compared

Before purchasing a substantial investment on your health like a jacuzzi, sauna, or hot tub, we need to educate ourselves first with the benefits of each product.

Jacuzzi Conventional SaunaFar Infrared Sauna Ultrasonic Ozone
Bodily Benefits
Internal warming effect NegligibleNegligibleVery GoodExcellent
Massaging effectLimitedXXExcellent
Deep cleansing effectXXXExcellent
Beauty/Body contouringXXXExcellent
Exercise effectNegligibleNegligibleNegligibleExcellent
Alternative Medicine Principles
Far InfraredXXPresentPresent
Other Restrictions
ConvenienceInstalledBuilt inPrefab builtExcellent
Space ConstraintMay beLarge spaceLarge spaceExcellent
Price$3000+ $50/month$1500 $2,000

1) Internal warming effect
There are 3 channels that bring about warming to the body when one takes a warm water Ultrasonic Ozone bath. First, heat from the warm water via conduction.
Second, FIR emitted from the mat penetrate through the skin to warm up and dilate the blood capillaries. Third, ultrasound generated from the collisions of bubbles penetrate through the skin and flesh but is absorbed by the bones.
Upon absorption, this energy is converted into heat which provides the main mechanism of internal warming.

2) Massaging effect
Tens of thousands of bubbles collide with the body at a pressure of 1.5kgf per square centimeter per second. This is equivalent to a massaging effect performed by at least 10 masseurs having hundreds of fingers massaging the body at the same time. This massage effect is different from those performed by masseurs as the pressure is dispersed through the different layers of cells.
Massage by masseurs tend to compress cells on the top layers of the skin which can result in overstretched blue-black marks occasionally by inexperienced ones (see diagram on reverse). The massaging effect in the ultrasonic bubble bath can be felt on every part of the body submerged inside water. To many who practice traditional Chinese medicine, this massaging effect is also equivalent to acupuncture, releasing tension at the different pressure points. In fact, many have referred to it as “hydro-acupuncture”, meaning using water to replace needles in performing acupuncture.

3) Deep Cleansing effect
When the body is submerged under warm water, the pores on our skin open up. The vibrations caused by the rupturing of the bubbles results in the flushing out of dead cells and other waste accumulated in the pores. It is common to see a layer of dirt collected at the brim of the tub after the ultrasonic bath and one would feel lighter.

4) Beauty & Body Contouring
15 minutes of ultrasonic bubble bath at the correct temperature and bubble intensity burns off 200-300 Calories of energy. One can also achieve targeted slimming by subjecting the part of the body to be slimmed to the bombardment by the bubbles directly. The regular use of ultrasonic bath not only trims off excess layers of fats within the body but also results in skin firming and tightening. Wrinkles on the forehead and necks would become less prominent after the use of ultrasonic bubble bath for a period of time. Ladies who are worried about sagging body parts will find this kind of bath useful.

5) Exercise Effects
15 minutes of ultrasonic bubble bath produces an exercise effect equivalent to 3 km of jogging. After a bubble bath at the correct temperature and bubble intensity, one would experience an increase in the heartbeat and a lowering of blood pressure. It is recommended that the intensity of the bath should result in a 70-80% of the maximum heartbeat rate tolerated by any individual calculated by the following formula: Maximum heartbeat rate= 220 – Age

Maximum heartbeat rate= 220 – Age
Ideal exercise heartbeat = 70-80% x Max heartbeat rate
Eg: For a 50-year-old,
Maximum heartbeat rate = 220 – 50 = 170
Ideal exercise heartbeat rate (set at 70%) = 70% x 170 =119 beats per second
Ideal exercise heartbeat rate (set at 80%) = 80% x 170 =136 beats per secondIdeally, one should exercise till the heart is pumping at a rate of between the two numbers for at least 5 times a week, and each time lasting for 30 minutes.

Ideally, one should exercise till the heart is pumping at a rate of between the two numbers for at least 5 times a week, and each time lasting for 30 minutes.
By using the ultrasonic bubble bath correctly, one can achieve that target easily everyday. This is especially beneficial to the elderly or sick who cannot exercise due to their bodily conditions and yet have to exercise in order to induce perspiration. Likewise, busy office workers who cannot find time to do physical exercise will find this alternative helpful. Exercise results in many benefits to the body: increased energy, increased metabolism, reduced body fat increased lean muscle, reduced stress, reduced risk of many serious diseases including diabetes and breast cancer, and others. Also, perspiration resulting from physical exercise causes the excretion of heavy metals and carcinogenic substances from the body. These substances are normally hidden
underneath the dermis and would remain there unless they are excreted after vigorous perspiration. Urination and passing motion will not be able to excrete these substances from the body.

With the use of ultrasonic bubble bath, one can experience multiple sessions of exercise effects daily.